Band Album Datum
CAPRICORN For The Restless 25.03.2022
J.B.O. Planet Pink 18.03.2022
SABATON The War To End All Wars 04.03.2022
GUNS N' ROSES Hard Skool 25.02.2022
SERIOUS BLACK Vengeance Is Mine 25.02.2022
STAR ONE Revel In Time 18.02.2022
GOODBYE JUNE See Where The Night Goes 18.02.2022
ZEAL & ARDOR Zeal & Ardor 11.02.2022
ONCE HUMAN Scar Weaver 11.02.2022
SCORPIONS Rock Believer 11.02.2022
NAKED GYPSY QUEENS Georgiana 11.02.2022
MICHAEL ROMEO War Of The Worlds, Part 2 04.02.2022
MASS WORSHIP Portal Tombs 04.02.2022
VENOM PRISON Erebos 04.02.2022
DIAMOND DOGS Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous 22.01.2022
WOLVESPIRIT Change The World 21.01.2022
BATTLE BEAST Circus Of Doom 21.01.2022
BILLY TALENT Crisis Of Faith 21.01.2022
SONATA ARCTICA Acoustic Adventures - Volume One 21.01.2022
KISSIN' DYNAMITE Not The End Of The Road 21.01.2022
UNDEROATH Voyeurist 14.01.2022
SKILLET Dominion 14.01.2022
TOUNDRA Hex 14.01.2022
FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Oh What The Future Holds 14.01.2022
ENTERPRISE EARTH The Chosen 14.01.2022
WIEGEDOOD There's Always Blood At The End Of The Road 14.01.2022
TONY MARTIN Thorns 14.01.2022
WILDERUN Epigone 07.01.2022
INFECTED RAIN Ecdysis 07.01.2022
FEUERSCHWANZ Memento Mori 31.12.2021
SONIC WOLVES It's All A Game To Me 25.12.2021
BEHEMOTH In Absentia Dei 17.12.2021
MEMORY GARDEN 1349 17.12.2021
THE MURDER OF MY SWEET A Gentleman's Legacy 10.12.2021
SIAMESE Home 10.12.2021
REVEAL Doppelherz 10.12.2021
SPIDERGAWD Spidergawd VI 10.12.2021
LAND OF GYPSIES Land Of Gypsies 10.12.2021
HÄMATOM Die Liebe ist tot 03.12.2021
VOLBEAT Servant Of The Mind 03.12.2021
HYPNO5E A Distant Dark Source Experience 03.12.2021
UNANIMATED Victory In Blood 03.12.2021
WOLFTOOTH Blood & Iron 03.12.2021
KING BUFFALO Acheron 03.12.2021
NEKROMANT Temple Of Haal 03.12.2021
CROM Into The Glory Land 03.12.2021
OF MICE & MEN Echo 03.12.2021
EPICA Ωmega Alive 03.12.2021
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Doom Crew Inc. 26.11.2021
LORDI Lordiversity 26.11.2021
VARDIS 100 MPH@100 Club 26.11.2021
CONCRETE WINDS Nerve Butcherer 26.11.2021
WALTARI 3rd Decade - The Anniversary Edition 26.11.2021
THE TEA PARTY Blood Moon Rising 26.11.2021
VICTORY Gods Of Tomorrow 26.11.2021
BERNIE MARSDEN Chess 26.11.2021
SAINTED SINNERS Taste It 26.11.2021
IN MOURNING The Bleeding Veil 26.11.2021
DEEP PURPLE Turning To Crime 26.11.2021
HIGH FIGHTER Live At WDR Rockpalast 26.11.2021
NEGURĂ BUNGET Zău 26.11.2021
ALIEN FORCE We Meet Again 26.11.2021
RHAPSODY OF FIRE Glory For Salvation 26.11.2021
HITTEN Triumph & Tragedy 26.11.2021
IMMINENCE Heaven In Hiding 26.11.2021
ETERNITY´S END Embers Of War 26.11.2021
THE OCEAN Phanerozoic Live 26.11.2021
IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT An Evening With Imperial Triumphant 26.11.2021
MARK STEIN There's A Light 26.11.2021
LOCK UP The Dregs Of Hades 26.11.2021
CYNIC Ascension Codes 26.11.2021
LEE AARON Almost Christmas 26.11.2021
HYPOCRISY Worship 26.11.2021
HELMET Live And Rare 26.11.2021
EXODUS Persona Non Grata 19.11.2021
SWALLOW THE SUN Moonflowers 19.11.2021
TEMPERANCE Diamanti 19.11.2021
THE LURKING FEAR Death, Madness, Horror, Decay 19.11.2021
E-FORCE Mindbender 19.11.2021
DION Stomping Ground 19.11.2021
ADDITIONAL TIME Dead End 19.11.2021
DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT Noktvrn 19.11.2021
PATHOLOGY The Everlasting Plague 19.11.2021
ME AND THAT MAN New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol.2 19.11.2021
CONVERGE Bloodmoon: I 19.11.2021
EAGLES OF DEATH METAL Eagles Of Death Metal Presents A Boots Electric Christmas 19.11.2021
OBSCURA A Valediction 19.11.2021
KHEMMIS Deceiver 19.11.2021
THE DARKNESS Motorheart 19.11.2021
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE Until The Darkness Goes 12.11.2021
DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED Angel Of Carnage Unleashed 12.11.2021
ELECTRIC GUITARS Freewheeler 12.11.2021
BROILERS Santa Claus 12.11.2021
THE UNITY The Devil You Know – Live 12.11.2021
NORTHTALE Eternal Flame 12.11.2021
EMIGRATE The Persistence Of Memory 12.11.2021
SIJJIN Sumerian Promises 12.11.2021
BEATALLICA The Devolver Album 12.11.2021
ENUFF Z'NUFF Enuff Z'Nuff's Hardrock Nite 12.11.2021
UNLEASHED No Sign Of Life 12.11.2021
DOLD VORDE ENS NAVN Mørkere 12.11.2021
INSANIA STOCKHOLM V (Praeparatus Supervivet) 12.11.2021
VENDED What Is It/Kill It 12.11.2021
SUFFOCATION Live In North America 12.11.2021
L.A. GUNS Checkered Past 12.11.2021
KNIGHTS OF THE REALM Knights Of The Realm 12.11.2021
BONDED Into Blackness 12.11.2021
GOV'T MULE Heavy Load Blues 12.11.2021
SHOW-YA Showdown 12.11.2021
DIEVERSITY Age Of Ignorance 11.11.2021
DAWN OF SOLACE Flames Of Perdition 10.11.2021
SARKE Allsighr 05.11.2021
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Bullet For My Valentine 05.11.2021
THE THREE TREMORS Guardians Of The Void 05.11.2021
BORNHOLM Apotheosis 05.11.2021
ALAN PARSONS The Neverending Show – Live in Netherlands 05.11.2021
CRAZY LIXX Street Lethal 05.11.2021
OMNIUM GATHERUM Origin 05.11.2021
SANDSTONE Epsilon Sky 05.11.2021
THE NIGHT ETERNAL Moonlit Cross 05.11.2021
STEVE PERRY The Season 05.11.2021
GAAHLS WYRD The Humming Mountain 05.11.2021
SPECTRES Hindsight 05.11.2021
BENT KNEE Frosting 05.11.2021
DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA Swagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole 02.11.2021
ARCHSPIRE Bleed The Future 29.10.2021
BEAST IN BLACK Dark Connection 29.10.2021
JERRY CANTRELL Brighten 29.10.2021
BAD WOLVES Dear Monsters 29.10.2021
MOTÖRHEAD Everything Louder Forever - The Very Best Of 29.10.2021
THULCANDRA A Dying Wish 29.10.2021
BLACK VEIL BRIDES The Phantom Tomorrow 29.10.2021
BETONTOD Pace Per Sempre 29.10.2021
GRAND CADAVER Into The Maw Of Death 29.10.2021
WHITECHAPEL Kin 29.10.2021
ETERNAL FLAME Gravitation 29.10.2021
DAVID REECE Blacklist Utopia 29.10.2021
RUNNING WILD Blood On Blood 29.10.2021
AD INFINITUM Chapter II - Legacy 29.10.2021
AFM RECORDS 25 Years Metal Addiction - The Rare & The Unreleased 29.10.2021
JOE BONAMASSA Time Clocks 29.10.2021
GOAT TORMENT Forked Tongues 29.10.2021
BE'LAKOR Coherence 29.10.2021
MONOLORD Your Time To Shine 29.10.2021
JOHN 5 Sinner 29.10.2021
LUCIFER Lucifer IV 29.10.2021
GHOST BATH Self Loather 29.10.2021
RUNRIG There Must Be A Place 29.10.2021
MASTODON Hushed And Grim 29.10.2021
BURNING POINT Arsonist Of The Soul 22.10.2021
THE PINPRICKS Rituals 22.10.2021
CRADLE OF FILTH Existence Is Futile 22.10.2021
MOON SHOT Confession 22.10.2021
GREEN LUNG Black Harvest 22.10.2021
DREAM THEATER A View From The Top Of The World 22.10.2021
DESTINITY In Continuum 22.10.2021
BIFFY CLYRO The Myth Of The Happily Ever After 22.10.2021
PFM I Dreamed Of Electric Sheep 22.10.2021
1914 Where Fear And Weapons Meet 22.10.2021
SIXX:A.M. Sixx:A.M. Hits 22.10.2021
U.D.O. Game Over 22.10.2021
SEPULTURA Sepulnation – The Studio Albums 1998 - 2009 22.10.2021
ARMORED SAINT Symbol Of Salvation Live 22.10.2021
EVERY TIME I DIE Radical 22.10.2021
STARSET Horizons 22.10.2021
THE PINEAPPLE THIEF Nothing But The Truth 22.10.2021
MASSACRE Resurgence 22.10.2021
DOOMS CHILDREN Dooms Children 20.10.2021
VILDHJARTA måsstaden under vatten 15.10.2021
LEVERAGE Above The Beyond 15.10.2021
TOM MORELLO The Atlas Underground Fire 15.10.2021
LORDS OF BLACK Alchemy Of Souls, Part II 15.10.2021
THE GRANDMASTER Skywards 15.10.2021
GEMINI SYNDROME 3rd Degree - The Raising 15.10.2021
ALCATRAZZ V 15.10.2021
HATE Rugia 15.10.2021
TWELVE FOOT NINJA Vengeance 15.10.2021
THE GEORGIA THUNDERBOLTS Can I Get A Witness 15.10.2021
THE LUCID The Lucid 15.10.2021
LAST DAYS OF EDEN Butterflies 15.10.2021
CARLOS SANTANA Blessings And Miracles 15.10.2021
AEON God Ends Here 15.10.2021
DOUG PINNICK Joy Bomb 15.10.2021
SEETHER Vicennial - 2 Decades Of Seether 15.10.2021
THE AGONIST Days Before The World Wept 15.10.2021
MANIMAL Armageddon 08.10.2021
JEFF SCOTT SOTO The Duets Collection, Vol. 1 08.10.2021
MERCURY CIRCLE Killing Moons 08.10.2021
ECLIPSE Wired 08.10.2021
BLOOD RED THRONE Imperial Congregation 08.10.2021
GUS G. Quantum Leap 08.10.2021
CREEPING DEATH The Edge Of Existence 08.10.2021
TRIVIUM In The Court Of The Dragon 08.10.2021
THRICE Horizons/East 08.10.2021
BERNIE MARSDEN Kings 30.07.2021

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