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TESTAMENT - Alex Skolnick veröffentlicht 'Trump Sucks'-Song

TESTAMENT-Gitarrist Alex Skolnick hat passend zur nahenden US-Präsidentschaftswahl einen Song namens 'Trump Sucks' rausgebracht.

Skolnick (Foto Mitte) stellte den Track samt Lyrics auf YouTube online und kommentiert: "Dieser Song floss gestern einfach so aus mir heraus. Er war innerhalb weniger Stunden fertig. An alle #Trump2020- und #Maga-Leute, die meine Timelines fluten, seit ich neulich einen Post über die Wahl verfasste: Ich möchte mich aufrichtig bei euch bedanken. Ihr habt mich dazu inspiriert, etwas zu machen, was ein bisschen anders ist (zumindest für mich): Rappen. Viel Spaß!"

Der 'Trump Sucks'-Songtext:

We got a bad situation all across the nation 

The White House is under occupation 

And liberation from this administration 

Is needed right now, no time for vacation 

No regulation for clean air and water
He got to office and installed his own daughter
She serves no purpose except for appearance
Initially denied a security clearance
Her husband, Jared, is even worse yet
Shady ties, analyzed as a security threat
Vladimir Putin got Trump in his pocket
Kim Jong-un just launched another rocket
I haven't even mentioned Betsy DeVos
Wilbur Ross and their cost and the lives that were lost
Abomination, an epic fail
Just like Bannon and Flynn, he belongs in Jail

Trump sucks 

I'm not kidding around 

Trump sucks 

He's like a game show clown

He took a hatchet took the Hatch Act

Breakin' them laws, violating the Emoluments Clause 

Sycophants and cronies keep him in power 

Pissing on our norms like a golden shower 

A life failing upward, not a heavy lifter 

An upscale, slumlord, two-bit grifter 

You may be someone that we cannot sway 

But for me, there's only one thing left to say

Trump sucks 

He is not your friend 

Trump sucks

I guess I gotta say it again 

Trump sucks 

And this could be America's end 

Trump sucks

He's gonna cheat all he can, he will not rest 

Disrupt the post office, use Kanye West 

When the polls close and the people choose 

He's gonna claim 'voter fraud' or say 'It's all fake news!'

You like this guy? Because he's rich? 

Just like Bill Maher said, Trumps a 'whiny little bitch' 

Lying and tweeting and interrupting, always grouchy

Contradicting scientists, even Dr. Fauci 

So what'll we do? No time to sit and gloat 

Call you friends and family, everybody's gotta vote

Trump sucks 

We're not kidding around 

Trump sucks 

He's trying to bring our democracy down 

Trump sucks

Just like the mob, it's a family of crown 

Trump sucks

Let's say it one more time 

Trump sucks

Alexandra Michels

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