Band Album Datum
METALLICA 72 Seasons 14.04.2023
INSOMNIUM Anno 1696 24.02.2023
SOUL GRINDER Anthems From The Abyss 11.11.2022
...AND OCEANS As In Gardens, So In Tombs 27.01.2023
TWILIGHT FORCE At The Heart Of Wintervale 20.01.2023
WOLFSKULL Ave Goddess 16.12.2022
TARJA Best Of: Living The Dream 02.12.2022
BEYOND THE BLACK Beyond The Black 13.01.2023
DOPE Blood Money Part Zer0 23.02.2023
INDUCTION Born From Fire 25.11.2022
URIAH HEEP Chaos & Colour 27.01.2023
AD INFINITUM Chapter III - Downfall 31.03.2023
AVATAR Dance Devil Dance 17.02.2023
RIVAL SONS Darkfighter 10.03.2023
GOMORRA Dealer Of Souls 09.12.2022
AUGUST BURNS RED Death Below 24.03.2023
SPIRITWORLD Deathwestern 25.11.2022
NOFX Double Album 02.12.2022
OBITUARY Dying Of Everything 13.01.2023
LEE AARON Elevate 25.11.2022
IGGY POP Every Loser 06.01.2023
IN FLAMES Foregone 10.02.2023
HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY Harakiri For The Sky MMXXII 09.12.2022
IMHA TARIKAT Hearts Unchained - At War With A Passionless World 02.12.2022
OCEANS Hell Is Where The Heart Is 25.11.2022
ISAFJØRD Hjartastjaki 02.12.2022
RIVERSIDE ID.Entity 20.01.2023
THOSE DAMN CROWS Inhale/Exhale 17.02.2023
ELDER Innate Passage 25.11.2022
IMPERIUM DEKADENZ Into Sorrow Evermore 20.01.2023
HOLY MOSES Invisible Queen 14.04.2023
HOST IX 24.02.2023
LIV SIN KaliYuga 27.01.2023
THE PRIVATEER Kingdom Of Exiles 20.01.2023
SCREAMER Kingmaker 13.01.2023
ANTI-FLAG Lies They Tell Our Children 06.01.2023
GODSMACK Lighting Up The Sky 24.02.2023
JOURNEY Live In Concert At Lollapalooza 09.12.2022
DEWOLFF Love, Death & In Between 03.02.2022
THY CATAFALQUE Mezolit - Live at Fekete Zaj 25.11.2022
VV Neon Noir 13.01.2023
DESTRÖYER 666 Never Surrender 02.12.2022
XYSMA No Place Like Alone 24.03.2023
XYSMA No Place Like Alone 24.03.2023
THE TEMPLE Of Solitude Triumphant 09.12.2022
ATROCITY Okkult III 20.01.2023
STEEL PANTHER On The Prowl 24.02.2023
HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE Overtaker 02.12.2022
††† (CROSSES) Permanent.Radiant 09.12.2022
BROILERS Puro Amor Live Tapes 25.11.2022
MONO INC. Ravenblack 20.01.2023
KARG Resignation 25.11.2022
MÅNESKIN Rush! 20.01.2023
SILVER BULLET Shadowfall 23.01.2023
KATATONIA Sky Void Of Stars 20.01.2023
DREAMS OF VENUS Songs From The Essex Street Market 20.01.2023
STORY OF THE YEAR Tear Me To Pieces 10.03.2023
AHAB The Coral Tombs 13.01.2023
JONATHAN HULTÉN The Forest Sessions 16.12.2022
PRISTINE The Lines We Cross 27.01.2023
BABYMETAL The Other One 24.03.2022
BURY TOMORROW The Seventh Sun 21.03.2023
XANDRIA The Wonders Still Awaiting 03.02.2023
KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD BAND Trouble Is...25 02.12.2022
UNIVERSUM25 Universum25 24.02.2023
BLACKRAIN Untamed 25.11.2022
STEVE VAI Vai/Gash 27.02.2023
LIONHEART Welcome To The West Coast III 09.12.2022
BRDIGUNG Wieder hässlich 06.01.2023
UNANTASTBAR Wir leben laut 30.12.2022
BLACK STAR RIDERS Wrong Side Of Paradise 20.01.2023

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