Band Album Datum
ALESTORM Live In Tilburg 28.05.2021
AMORPHIS Live At Helsinki Ice Hall 21.05.2021
ARTILLERY X 07.05.2021
AT THE GATES The Nightmare Of Being 02.07.2021
ATREYU Baptize 04.06.2021
AUGUST BURNS RED Guardians Sessions 16.04.2021
AUTUMN BRIDE Undying 30.04.2021
BEARTOOTH Below 25.06.2021
BERNHARD WEIß Rock Chansons 07.05.2021
BLACK VEIL BRIDES The Phantom Tomorrow 04.06.2021
BLACKBERRY SMOKE You Hear Georgia 28.05.2021
BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT Paint The Sky With Blood 23.04.2021
BROILERS Puro Amor 23.04.2021
BURNING WITCHES The Witch Of The North 28.05.2021
CALIBAN Zeitgeister 14.05.2021
CANDLEBOX Wolves 17.09.2021
CANDLEMASS Green Valley (Live) 07.05.2021
CANNIBAL CORPSE Violence Unimagined 16.04.2021
CHARLIE BENANTE Silver Linings 14.05.2021
CHTHONIC Megaport 2021 19.05.2021
CIRITH UNGOL Half Past Human 28.05.2021
CORVUS CORAX Die Maske des roten Todes 16.04.2021
CROBOT Rat Child 18.06.2021
CROWNE Kings In The North 18.06.2021
CRYPTA Echoes Of The Soul 11.06.2021
CVLT OF THE SVN We Are The Dragon 07.05.2021
DANKO JONES Power Trio 27.08.2021
DEBAUCHERY Monster Metal 21.05.2021
DORDEDUH Har 14.05.2021
ELECTRIC BOYS Upside Down 30.04.2021
EMINENCE Dark Echoes 28.05.2021
ENDSEEKER Mount Carcass 16.04.2021
ESCAPE THE FATE Chemical Warfare 16.04.2021
EVILE Hell Unleashed 30.04.2021
FALSE MEMORIES The Last Night Of Fall 07.05.2021
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Blood In The Water 04.06.2021
GARBAGE No Gods No Masters 11.06.2021
GARY MOORE How Blue Can You Get 30.04.2021
GHOST IRIS Comatose 07.05.2021
GILBY CLARKE The Gospel Truth 23.04.2021
GO AHEAD AND DIE Go Ahead And Die 11.06.2021
GOJIRA Fortitude 30.04.2021
GRAVE MIASMA Abyss Of Wrathful Deities 14.05.2021
GRETA VAN FLEET The Battle At Garden's Gate 16.04.2021
HAMMER KING Hammer King 11.06.2021
HELLOWEEN Helloween 18.06.2021
HELLRYDER The Devil is A Gambler 28.05.2021
HELLTRAIL Always Shoot Twice 16.04.2021
HERMAN FRANK Two For A Lie 21.05.2021
HIDEOUS DIVINITY LV-426 23.04.2021
J.B.O. Planet Pink 14.01.2022
JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES Vertigo 21.05.2021
KANSAS Point Of Know Return Live & Beyond 28.05.2021
KAYAK Out Of This World 07.05.2021
KING BUFFALO The Burden Of Restlessness 04.06.2021
LEE AARON Radio On! 16.06.2021
LEFT HAND SOLUTION Dead Of Winter 16.04.2021
LIGHT THE TORCH You Will Be The Death Of Me 25.06.2021
LINDEMANN Live In Moscow 21.05.2021
LOFFT Start A Fire 04.06.2021
MAMMOTH WVH Mammoth WVH 11.06.2021
MARILLION With Friends At St. David's 28.05.2021
MARTY FRIEDMAN Tokyo Jukebox 3 16.04.2021
MISTER MISERY Ballad Of The Headless Horseman 23.04.2021
MONSTER MAGNET A Better Dystopia 21.05.2021
MOTHER OF ALL Age Of The Solipsist 23.04.2021
MOTÖRHEAD Louder Than Noise. Live In Berlin 23.04.2021
MOTORPSYCHO Kingdom Of Oblivion 16.04.2021
MYLES KENNEDY The Ides Of March 14.05.2021
NEONFLY The Future, Tonight 18.06.2021
OCEANS We Are Nøt Okay 30.04.2021
PAUL GILBERT Werewolves Of Portland 04.06.2021
PESTILENCE Exitivm 25.06.2021
PHARAOH The Powers That Be 18.06.2021
PINK FLOYD Live At Knebworth 1990 30.04.2021
POP EVIL Versatile 21.05.2021
POVERTY'S NO CRIME A Secret To Hide 30.04.2021
POWERWOLF Call Of The Wild 09.07.2021
PRINS SVART Sanning Och Makt 23.04.2021
RED FANG Arrows 04.06.2021
RISE AGAINST Nowhere Generation 04.06.2021
ROBIN MCAULEY Standing On The Edge 07.05.2021
ROYAL BLOOD Typhoons 30.04.2021
RPWL God Has Failed - Live & Personal 30.04.2021
SCAR OF THE SUN Inertia 14.05.2021
SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER Join The Bear Cult 23.04.2021
SILVER LAKE Silver Lake 28.05.2021
SINOPTIK The Calling 11.06.2021
SKYEYE Soldiers Of Light 25.06.2021
SOCIAL DISORDER Love 2 Be Hated 18.06.2021
SOLSTICE Casting The Die 23.04.2021
SONIC HAVEN Vagabond 07.05.2021
SOUL GRINDER Lifeless Obsession 04.06.2021
STAIND Live: It's Been Awhile 07.05.2021
STEVE VON TILL Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems 30.04.2021
STEVE VON TILL A Deep Voiceless Wilderness 30.04.2021
STORMRULER Under The Burning Eclipse 28.05.2021
SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE Mountain Fever 14.05.2021
SUBWAY TO SALLY Eisheilige Nacht - Back To Lindenpark 18.06.2021
SUNBOMB Evil And Divine 14.05.2021
TEMPLE BALLS Pyromide 16.04.2021
TERRA ODIUM Ne Plus Ultra 11.06.2021
TETRARCH Unstable 30.04.2021
THE BRONX Bronx VI 27.08.2021
THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS Silver Flames 23.04.2021
THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES When God Was Great 07.05.2021
THE OFFSPRING Let The Bad Times Roll 16.04.2021
THE VERY END Zeitgeist 30.04.2021
THE VINTAGE CARAVAN Monuments 16.04.2021
TODD MICHAEL HALL Sonic Healing 07.05.2021
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Majors & Minors 28.05.2021
VAN CANTO To The Power Of Eight 04.06.2021
VELVET VIPER Cosmic Healer 23.04.2021
VOLA Witness 21.05.2021
VREID Wild North West 30.04.2021
VULTURE Dealin' Death 21.05.2021
WHILE SHE SLEEPS Sleeps Society 16.04.2021
WHITE MOTH BLACK BUTTERFLY The Cost Of Dreaming 28.05.2021
WITCHBOUND End Of Paradise 30.04.2021

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