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International Infos


Hello there!

ROCK HARD FESTIVAL started out in 2003 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary German „megazine“ ROCK HARD. It was pretty clear from the beginning that ROCK HARD FESTIVAL would be different: a fan-friedly event in a classic amphitheatre setting, open to a variety of metal and hard rock tastes and appealing to all generations of fans. The whole thing is dedicated to music and music only. This is what a Dutch promoter had to say after his first Rock Hard experience: »I never saw such an audience - everybody in this round must possess a HUGE record collection!« The overwhelming atmosphere and community feel is often praised in comments of visitors and artists alike. It´s a place to meet and celebrate!

ROCK HARD FESTIVAL has only one (!) stage, a beer garden (of course), a metal market, metal disco, an autograph booth and a merch & food street, but NO amusement-park-type side attractions such as bungee jumping, viking villages, car exhibitions etc… Instead, ticket, food and drink prices remain as low as possible. The capacity is strictly limited to 6.500 visitors.

The bands are hand-picked by the journalists of Rock Hard Magazine (mainly by Editor-in-chief Boris Kaiser) and often include exclusive reunion shows, special sets and hot newcomers, who sometimes start as opening bands and return as glory headliners a few years later (such as Volbeat for example). Accept did their first reunion show here, others recorded DVDs or CDs in Gelsenkirchen or performed exclusive one-time-only sets for Rock Hard. Legendary TV programme "Rockpalast" films RHF documentaries since 2010.

The Ruhr Area has always been a happening place for metal, including well-known artists like Kreator, Rage or Sodom. The Amphitheater is easy to reach, part of a huge green park and offers breath-taking river-views. Camping is located right next to the arena, most of the toilet and shower facilities are in fixed buildings.

If you want to enjoy a peaceful rock & metal party in an intimate open air environment with good sound, great people and short distances, ROCK HARD is your festival!


The easiest way to buy tickets for RHF is to order them in our shop. If you have any questions or prefer to order your tickets by email, don't hesitate to contact us.


Am I allowed to wear killer rivets and bandoliers?

Due to injury risks it is not allowed to wear long and sharp rivets or bandoliers. Normal rivets and bandoliers with radiused bullets are allowed.

What will happen if security confiscates my rivets?

Of course you will get your stuff back once you are leaving the festival area.

Am I allowed to bring drinks to the festival area?

You are allowed to bring up to 1.5l of water per person and day in tetrapak and PET bottles.

What about photo cameras?

Photo cameras are allowed, cameras with interchangeable lenses are forbidden.


Digicams are allowed, cameras with interchangeable lenses are forbidden.


Camcorders are forbidden.

Tape recorders?

Are forbidden as well.

Will there be pictures and videos taken by the organizer?

By buying the ticket and attending to the festival, the visitor gives his consent that the organizers are allowed to use pictures on which the visitor might appear for online/print, and other media. Passing on pictures and videos to third parties is included in this consent as well, as long as the passing on is directly connected to the Rock Hard Festival and coverage about it.

The organizer will protect the personal rights of all visitors and will use photos and videos only in connection with coverage and advertisement about the festival.

Facilities for the disabled

Will there be facilities for the disabled?

There will be a roll-in portable toilet close to the stage area.

Will there be a gallery for wheelchair users?

Since the festival will take place in an amphitheatre, the highest stairs with good view on stage will be reserved for wheelchair users.

Is it possible for wheelchair users to go right in front of the stage?

It is possible on principle, but since you have to pass restricted areas in turn to get in front of the stage, you need to contact one of our crewmembers, who will gladly help you.

General information

Am I allowed to bring my pet?

Since you are visiting a concert with thousands of guests and loud music, it would be irresponsible to bring a pet. It is therefore forbidden.

Will there be paramedics at the festival area?

Paramedics and emergency doctors will be at the festival 24/7.

Will there be a playbill/programme?

A substantial playbill will be for sale for at the festival.

Will there be a callbox?

Unfortunately there is neither a callbox at the festival, nor close to the festival area.

Will there be a Metal Market?

No, but there will be merchants selling shirts/CDs/vinyl/patches at the festival site.

Will there be a Metal Disco?

Yes. After the headliner there will be a Metal Party in a tent in front of the festival area. For opening times, check here.

Will there be a cash machine?


Will there be signing sessions by all bands?

We try to convince every band to do signing sessions. However, due to touring schedules it is not possible for some bands to do signing sessions at full length. Check our timetable for confirmed signing sessions.

Will all bands bring autograph cards?

Normally they do. Additionally there will be a playbill with descriptions and pictures of every band which is perfect for autographs as well.


Will there be a shuttle service to the central station?

No, but there will be enough regular buses and night buses for everybody.

Is it possible to attend with public transport?

Since the amphitheatre is located in the Ruhr area, it is no problem to arrive with busses and trains from every possible direction. Check here for details.

Will there still be public transport after the headliner?

The amphitheatre is located next to a night bus line to Gelsenkirchen central station. Since there will be additional busses on Whitsun, transport is guaranteed until 3am.


Camping on the parking lot?

It is forbidden to erect tents or party tents on the parking lot. If you do not follow this restriction, we are forced to remove you from the parking lot.

Sleeping in the car?

Sleeping in the car isn’t a problem at all, as long as you remove all your garbage immediately and stash it in dumpsters. If you do not follow this restriction, we are forced to remove you from the parking lot.

Do you charge money for the parking lot?

Yes, there will be a charge for the main parking lot and the parking lot P4. All other parking lots are at no charge. Tickets for the main parking lot are only available on presale.

Will there be more than one parking lot?

Yes, there are several parking lots at within walking distance between 5 and 20 minutes.

Will there be a park ticket?

There will be a sticker which has to be attached to your windscreen. The sticker allows you to leave the parking lot and return again - whenever you want.


Is there a schedule for building up and breaking up my tent?

You can erect your tent from Thursday, 5pm, and have to leave the campground at latest by Monday, 12pm.

Am I allowed to park my car next to my tent?

Since the campground is part of a park, it is not allowed to access it with motor vehicles or trailers.

Am I allowed to camp at the parking lot?

It is forbidden to build up tents or party tents on the parking lot. If you do not follow this restriction, we are forced to remove you from the parking lot.

Are mobile homes allowed on the campground?

Mobile homes are allowed on special areas at the parking lot. There are no power or water supplies for your caravan, but there will be showers and toilets on the parking lot. You don’t need a camping ticket to stay with your mobile home.

Are motorcycles allowed on the campground?

Same as for cars: Motorcycles aren’t allowed on the campground. There will be areas close to the festival which you can use for parking.

Am I allowed to light a fire?

Open fires are forbidden.

Am I allowed to have a barbecue?

As long as no one will be exposed to danger and nothing will be damaged, barbecueing is allowed. If you do any damage to anything or anyone, you will be held responsible.

Am I allowed to listen to music on the campground?

Listening to music isn’t a problem in principle as long as you do not disturb anybody. For this reason extremely loud music isn’t allowed. At night you should have regards to other campers and turn your music either down or stop playing it completely.

Is there a collection point for garbage?

Yes, there will be a free dumpster at the campground. You can get garbage bags from our crew. If you are considering to leave your garbage behind when leaving the festival, we will charge you for disposal.

Am I allowed to bring drinks to the campground?

Yes, you are allowed to bring drinks at no limit. Due to actuarial reasons glass is forbidden.

Am I allowed to bring glass bottles?

No, glass bottles are forbidden due to actuarial reasons.

Will there be showers at the campground?

Yes, there will be several free showers, which will be open from 8am.