Band Albumtitel Vö-Datum
THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN Cold Was The Ground 27.02.2015
MASTERS OF DISGUISE The Savage And The Grace 20.02.2015
THE VINTAGE CARAVAN Arrival 15.05.2015
ALL THAT REMAINS The Order Of Things 27.02.2015
BEYOND THE BLACK Songs Of Love And Death 13.02.2015
BLACK STAR RIDERS The Killer Instinct 20.02.2015
BLACKBERRY SMOKE Holding All The Roses 06.02.2015
BLIND GUARDIAN Beyond The Red Mirror 30.01.2015
CARACH ANGREN This Is No Fairytale 20.02.2015
COAL CHAMBER Rivals 22.05.2015
DANKO JONES Fire Music 06.02.2015
DR. LIVING DEAD! Crush The Sublime Gods 20.02.2015
DRITTE WAHL Geblitzdingst 30.01.2015
ENFORCER From Beyond 27.02.2015
ENFORCER From Beyond 27.02.2015
ENSIFERUM On Man Army 20.02.2015
EVIL INVADERS Pulses Of Pleasure 27.02.2015
KÄRBHOLZ Karma 30.01.2015
KEEP OF KALESSIN Epistemology 13.02.2015
KID ROCK First Kiss 20.02.2015
KNORKATOR Knorkatourette (DVD) 13.02.2015
MANILLA ROAD The Blessed Curse 13.02.2015
MOONSPELL Extinct 06.03.2015
NECROWRETCH With Serpents Scourge 13.02.2015
NIGHTWISH Endless Forms Most Beautiful 27.03.2015
SMASH INTO PIECES The Apocalypse DJ 27.02.2015
SOILWORK Live In The Heart Of Helsinki (DVD/Blu-ray) 13.03.2015
SOLEFALD World Metal. Kosmopolis Nord 06.02.2015
THE AGONIST Eye Of Providence 20.02.2015
THE ANSWER Raise A Little Hell 06.03.2015
TORCHE Restarter 20.02.2015
TURBOWOLF Two Hands 03.04.2015
UFO A Conspiracy Of Stars 20.02.2015
ULI JON ROTH Scorpions Revisited 06.02.2015
STEVEN WILSON Hand. Cannot. Erase 27.02.2015