Band Albumtitel Vö-Datum
SACRAL RAGE Illusions In Infinite Void 20.03.2015
AGNOSTIC FRONT The American Dream Died 03.04.2015
APOCALYPTICA Shadowmaker 17.04.2015
ARCHITECTS OF CHAOZ League Of Shadows 29.05.2015
BARREN EARTH On Lonely Towers 27.03.2015
BLUES PILLS Blues Pills Live 20.03.2015
CIVIL WAR Gods And Generals 08.05.2015
COAL CHAMBER Rivals 22.05.2015
DAMNATION ANGELS The Valiant Fire 27.03.2015
DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT Stellar 20.03.2015
EXTOL Of Light And Shade (DVD) 29.05.2015
FREI.WILD Opposition 03.04.2015
GALAR De gjenlevende 27.03.2015
GALLOWS Desolation Sounds 10.04.2015
GODSIZED Heavy Lies The Crown 27.03.2015
HACKNEYED Inhabitants Of Corcosa 15.05.2015
HALESTORM Into The Wild Life 03.04.2015
HIGH ON FIRE Luminiferous 19.06.2015
IN THIS MOMENT Rise of the Blood Legion - Greatest Hits (Chapter 1) (Best-of) 02.05.2015
LANCER Second Storm 10.04.2015
MAJESTY Generation Steel 20.03.2015
MAMMOTH MAMMOTH Volume IV - Hammered Again 27.03.2015
MOTHER'S FINEST Goody 2 Shoes & The Filthy Beast 27.03.2015
NASHVILLE PUSSY Ten Years Of Pussy 08.05.2015
NIGHTRAGE The Puritan 24.04.2015
NIGHTRAGE The Puritan 24.04.2015
NIGHTWISH Endless Forms Most Beautiful 27.03.2015
NO RETURN Fearless Walk To Rise 27.03.2015
OCEANO Ascendants 20.03.2015
PARADISE LOST The Plague Within 29.05.2015
PERZONAL WAR The Last Sunset 24.04.2015
PRONG Songs From The Black Hole 27.03.2015
SATYRICON Live At The Opera (live) 01.05.2015
SHINING IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends 17.04.2015
SIX FEET UNDER Crypt Of The Devil 01.05.2015
SULPHUR AEON Gateway To The Antisphere 10.04.2015
THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Skyline Whispers 05.06.2015
THE POODLES Devil In The Details 27.03.2015
THE VINTAGE CARAVAN Arrival 15.05.2015
THREE DAYS GRACE Human 27.03.2015
TOTO XIV 20.03.2015
TRIBULATION The Children Of The Night 17.04.2015
TURBOWOLF Two Hands 03.04.2015