Band Albumtitel Vö-Datum
40 WATT SUN Wider Than The Sky 14.10.2016
ALTER BRIDGE The Last Hero 07.10.2016
ASPHYX Incoming Death 30.09.2016
BLACKBERRY SMOKE Like An Arrow 14.10.2016
BRANT BJORK Tao Of The Devil 30.09.2016
CORONER Autopsy 23.09.2016
CROBOT Welcome To Fat City 23.09.2016
CROWBAR The Serpent Only Lies 30.09.2016
DARK TRANQUILLITY Atoma 04.11.2016
EPICA The Holographic Principle 30.09.2016
EXTREME Pornograffitti Live 25: Metal Meltdown DVD 23.09.2016
GRIM REAPER Walking In The Shadows 23.09.2016
HARDLINE Human Nature 14.10.2016
IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC All Through The Night 23.09.2016
IN FLAMES Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg DVD 23.09.2016
INSOMNIUM Winter's Gate 23.09.2016
KAYSER IV: Beyond The Reef Of Sanity 23.09.2016
KORN The Serenity Of Suffering 21.10.2016
KRYPTOS Burn Up The Night 23.09.2016
MARILLION F.E.A.R. (F*** Everyone And Run) 23.09.2016
MEGADETH Megalife: Nick Menza The Book Buch 04.11.2016
MONSTERNAUT Monsternaut 07.10.2016
MY DARKEST HATE Anger Temple 25.11.2016
NEGURA BUNGET Zi 30.09.2016
NEUROSIS Fires Within Fires 23.09.2016
NIGHTWISH Vehicle Of Spirit 04.11.2016
NOFX First Ditch Effort 07.10.2016
OPETH Sorceress 30.09.2016
QUEENSRYCHE Resurrection 23.09.2016
RED FANG Only Ghosts 14.10.2016
SACRED STEEL Heavy Metal Sacrifice 14.10.2016
SAHG Memento Mori 23.09.2016
SONATA ARCTICA The Ninth Hour 07.10.2016
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES The World Gone Mad 30.09.2016
TEMPLE OF THE DOG Temple Of The Dog 30.09.2016
TESTAMENT The Brotherhood Of The Snake 28.10.2016
THE AGONIST Five 30.09.2016
THE ANSWER Solas 14.10.2016
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Tygers Of Pan Tang 21.10.2016
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Tygers Of Pan Tang 21.10.2016