Band Albumtitel Vö-Datum
'77 Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us 30.10.2015
42 DECIBEL Rolling In Town 18.09.2015
GLORYHAMMER Rise Of The Chaos Wizards 25.09.2015
9 MM Nitro Killers 14.08.2015
AHAB The Boats Of Flen Carrig 28.08.2015
AMORPHIS Under The Red Cloud 04.09.2015
ANNIHILATOR Suicide Society 18.09.2015
ATREYU Long Live 18.09.2015
BACKYARD BABIES Four By Four 28.08.2015
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Coma Ecliptic 10.07.2015
BLACKMORE'S NIGHT All Our Yesterdays 18.09.2015
CASABLANCA Miskatonic Graffiti 25.09.2015
CATTLE DECAPITATION The Anthopocene Extinction 07.08.2015
CHASTAIN We Bleed Metal 06.11.2015
CHILDREN OF BODOM I Worship Chaos 02.10.2015
DEAD LORD Heads Held High 21.08.2015
DEAFHEAVEN New Bermuda 02.10.2015
DEATH ANGEL The Bay Calls For Blood (live) 24.07.2015
DEATH ANGEL A Thrashumentary 24.07.2015
DEBAUCHERY F*ck Humanity 10.07.2015
DRAGONFORCE In The Line Of Fire (DVD) 10.07.2015
DRAGONFORCE In The Line Of Fire (DVD) 10.07.2015
EAT THE GUN Howlinwood 28.08.2015
FEAR FACTORY Genexus 07.08.2015
GEORGE LYNCH Shadow Train 17.07.2015
GHOST Meliora 21.08.2015
GRAVE DIGGER Exhumation – The Early Years (Re-Recordings) 23.10.2015
GRAVE PLEASURES Dreamcrash 04.09.2015
GRAVEYARD Innocence & Decadence 25.09.2015
GUS G. Brand New Revolution 24.07.2015
HATE ETERNAL Infernus 24.08.2015
HUNTRESS Static 25.09.2015
IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC Honk Machine 21.08.2015
IRON MAIDEN The Book Of Souls 04.09.2015
JOE SATRIANI Shockwave Supernova 24.07.2015
KADAVAR Berlin 21.08.2015
KATAKLYSM Of Ghosts And Gods 31.07.2015
KRISIUN Forged In Fury 07.08.2015
LAMB OF GOD VII: Sturm Und Drang 24.07.2015
LEAVES' EYES King Of Kings 11.09.2015
MICHAEL MONROE Blackout States 16.10.2015
MIKE TRAMP Nomad 28.08.2015
MOTÖRHEAD Bad Magic 28.08.2015
MUSTASCH Testosterone 18.09.2015
MY DYING BRIDE Feel The Misery 18.09.2015
NILE What Should Not Be Unearthed 28.08.2015
OOMPH! XXV 31.07.2015
ORCHID Sign Of The Witch (EP) 17.07.2015
OVERKILL Historikill (Boxset) 18.09.2015
POP EVIL Up 21.08.2015
POWERWOLF Blessed & Possessed 10.07.2015
PYOGENESIS A Century In The Curse Of Time 14.08.2015
QUEENSRYCHE Condition Hüman 02.10.2015
REBELLION Wyrd bið ful aræd – The History Of Saxons 25.09.2015
RIVERSIDE Love, Fear and the Time Machine 04.09.2015
SAXON Battering Ram 16.10.2015
SCORPIONS Forever And A Day 14.08.2015
SLAYER Repentless 11.09.2015
SOILWORK The Ride Majestic 28.08.2015
SOULFLY Archangel 14.08.2015
SPOCK´S BEARD The Oblivion Particle 21.08.2015
STRATOVARIUS Eternal 14.08.2015
STRYPER Fallen 23.10.2015
SYMPHONY X Underworld 24.07.2015
TAD MOROSE St. Demonius 28.08.2015
TANK Valley Of Tears 18.09.2015
TERROR The 25th Hour 07.08.2015
THE BONES Flash The Bones 11.09.2015
TRACER Water For Thirsty Dogs 24.07.2015
TRIVIUM Silence In The Snow 02.10.2015
U.D.O. Navy Metal Night (DVD) 31.07.2015
UGLY KID JOE Uglier Than They Used Ta Be 25.09.2015
UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS The Night Creeper 04.09.2015
W.A.S.P. Golgotha 02.10.2015
WE CAME AS ROMANS We Came As Romans 24.07.2015
XANDRIA Fire & Ashes (EP) 31.07.2015
YEAR OF THE GOAT The Unspeakable 31.07.2015