Band Albumtitel Vö-Datum
DODSENGEL Interequinox 19.05.2017
NIGHT DEMON Darkness Remains 21.04.2017
BELOW Upon A Pale Horse 19.05.2017
KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Prevail I 12.05.2017
ADRENALINE MOB We The People 02.06.2017
ADRENALINE RUSH Soul Survivor 21.04.2017
ALESTORM No Grave But The Sea 26.05.2017
ANATHEMA The Optimist 09.06.2017
ARCH ENEMY As The Stages Burn! 31.03.2017
ASTRAL DOORS Black Eyed Children 28.04.2017
AVATARIUM Hurricanes And Halos 26.05.2017
AXEL RUDI PELL The Ballads V 21.04.2017
AYREON The Source 28.04.2017
BELPHEGOR Totenritual 15.09.2017
BITERS The Future Ain't What It Used To Be 19.05.2017
CLOVEN HOOF Who Mourns For The Morning Star 21.04.2017
CRAZY LIXX Ruff Justice 21.04.2017
CULT OF LUNA Years In A Day (DVD) 21.04.2017
DANZIG Black Laden Crown 12.05.2017
DEEP PURPLE inFinite 07.04.2017
DESULTORY Through Aching Aeons 02.06.2017
DEVIL To The Gallows 21.04.2017
DIE TOTEN HOSEN Laune der Natur 05.05.2017
DIMMU BORGIR Forces Of The Northern Night (DVD) 28.04.2017
DISBELIEF Symbol Of Death 27.04.2017
DRAGONFORCE Reaching Into Infinity 19.05.2017
DUEL Witchbanger 28.04.2017
EDGUY Monuments (Compilation) 14.07.2017
ENTRAILS World Inferno 16.06.2017
FACE DOWN HERO False Evidence Appearing Real 21.04.2017
FARSOT Fail*lure 21.04.2017
FIRESPAWN The Reprobate 28.04.2017
GOD DETHRONED The World Ablaze 05.05.2017
HAREM SCAREM United 12.05.2017
HATE Tremendum 05.05.2017
HAWKWIND Into The Woods 05.05.2017
ICED EARTH Incorruptible 16.06.2017
INFERNAL MAJESTY No God 14.04.2017
INGLORIOUS Inglorious II 12.05.2017
KNEIPENTERRORISTEN Schneller, lauter, härter 12.05.2017
LABYRINTH Architecture Of A God 21.04.2017
LIFE OF AGONY A Place Where There's No More Pain 28.04.2017
LINKIN PARK One More Light 19.05.2017
MAMMOTH MAMMOTH Mount The Mountain 28.04.2017
MAMMOTH MAMMOTH Mount The Mountain 28.04.2017
MASTODON Emperor Of Sand 31.03.2017
MERRIMACK Omegaphilia 09.06.2017
MILKING THE GOATMACHINE Milking In Blasphemy 31.03.2017
MYTHRA Still Burning 28.04.2017
NECROWRETCH Satanic Slavery 14.04.2017
NICKELBACK Feed The Machine 09.06.2017
NIGHTRAGE Venomous 31.03.2017
NITROGODS Roadkill BBQ 26.05.2017
PAPA ROACH Crooked Teeth 19.05.2017
QUIET RIOT Road Rage 21.04.2017
QUIET RIOT Road Rage 21.04.2017
RAMMSTEIN Rammstein: Paris 19.05.2017
RICHIE KOTZEN Salting Earth 14.04.2017
ROYAL THUNDER Wick 07.04.2017
SKYCLAD Forward Into The Past 28.04.2017
SNAKECHARMER Second Skin 12.05.2017
SÒLSTAFIR Berdreyminn 26.05.2017
SONS OF MORPHEUS Nemesis 31.03.2017
SUFFOCATION ...Of The Dark Light 09.06.2017
THE DEAD DAISIES Live And Louder 19.05.2017
THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Amber Galactic I 12.05.2017
THE OBSESSED Sacred 07.04.2017
THE OBSESSED Sacred 07.04.2017
THE RUINS OF BEVERAST Exuvia 05.05.2017
TOXPACK Schall & Rausch 31.03.2017
TROUBLED HORSE Revolution On Repeat 31.03.2017
UNEVEN STRUCTURE La Partition 21.04.2017
VALLENFYRE Fear Those Who Fear Him 02.06.2017
VAMPIRE With Primeval Force 21.04.2017
VAMPIRE With Primeval Force 21.04.2017
WARBRINGER Woe To The Vanquished 31.03.2017
WARRANT Louder Harder Faster 12.05.2017
WEDNESDAY 13 Condolences 02.06.2017
WEDNESDAY 13 Condolences 02.06.2017
WIZARD Fallen Kings 16.06.2017