Band Albumtitel Vö-Datum
ACCEPT Symphonic Terror - Live At Wacken 2017 23.11.2018
ACE FREHLEY Spaceman 19.10.2018
ALCATRAZZ Parole Denied - Tokyo 2017 07.12.2018
ALICE IN CHAINS Rainier Fog 24.08.2018
AMARANTHE Helix 19.10.2018
ATREYU In Our Wake 12.10.2018
AVANTASIA Moonglow 18.01.2019
AXXIS Monster Hero 05.10.2018
BETONTOD Vamos! 31.08.2018
BEYOND THE BLACK Heart Of The Hurricane 31.08.2018
BLACKBERRY SMOKE The Southern Ground Sessions 26.10.2018
BLOODBATH The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn 26.10.2018
BRAINSTORM Midnight Ghost 28.09.2018
CALLEJON Hartgeld im Club 04.01.2019
CAULDRON New Gods 07.09.2018
CLUTCH Book Of Bad Decisions 07.09.2018
COHEED AND CAMBRIA The Unheavenly Creatures 05.10.2018
CONAN Existential Void Guardian 31.08.2018
DARK SARAH The Golden Moth 21.09.2018
DARKNESS First Class Violence 12.10.2018
DEATHRITE Nightmares Reign 09.11.2018
DISTURBED Evolution 19.10.2018
DRAGONLORD Dominion 21.09.2018
EINHERJER Norrøne Spor 09.11.2018
ELECTRIC BOYS The Ghost Ward Diaries 23.11.2018
EVANESCENCE Synthesis Live (live) 12.10.2018
FARMER BOYS Born Again 02.11.2018
FIFTH ANGEL The Third Secret 26.10.2018
FLOTSAM & JETSAM The End Of Chaos 09.11.2018
GRAVE DIGGER The Living Dead 14.09.2018
HAKEN Vector 26.10.2018
HARDCORE SUPERSTAR You Can't Kill My Rock'n'Roll 21.09.2018
HATE ETERNAL Upon Desolate Sands 26.10.2018
HEIR APPARENT The View From Below 12.10.2018
HELLOWEEN Starlight - The Noise Records Collection (Vinyl-Boxset) 26.10.2018
IMPELLITTERI The Nature Of The Beast 12.10.2018
INTO ETERNITY The Sirens 26.10.2018
KADAVAR Live In Copenhagen (live) 12.10.2018
KORPIKLAANI Kulkija 07.09.2018
KRISIUN Scourge Of The Enthroned 07.09.2018
LACUNA COIL The 119 Show (live) 09.11.2018
LED ZEPPELIN The Song Remains The Same (Re-Release) 07.09.2018
MARTY FRIEDMAN One Bad M.F. Live!! 19.10.2018
MAXXWELL Metalized 21.09.2018
MAYAN Dhyana 21.09.2018
MAYHEM Cursed In Eternity (Boxset) 16.11.2018
METAL ALLEGIANCE Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty 07.09.2018
MOB RULES Beast Reborn 24.08.2018
MONSTER TRUCK True Rockers 14.09.2018
MONSTROSITY The Passage Of Existence 07.09.2018
NAZARETH Tattooed On My Brain 12.10.2018
NORDIC UNION Second Coming 09.11.2018
OMNIUM GATHERUM Burning Cold 31.08.2018
OPETH Garden Of The Titans: Live At Red Rocks Amphitheatre (live) 02.11.2018
REVOCATION The Outer Ones 28.09.2018
RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR The Legacy Of Shi 19.10.2018
ROCK GODDESS This Time 05.10.2018
SACRAL RAGE Beyond Celestial Echoes 19.10.2018
SALIVA 10 Lives 19.10.2018
SATAN Cruel Magic 07.09.2018
SICK OF IT ALL Wake The Sleeping Dragon! 02.11.2018
SKULL FIST Way Of The Road 26.10.2018
SLASH Living The Dream 21.09.2018
SOULFLY Ritual 19.10.2018
STEVE PERRY Traces 05.10.2018
STRIKER Play To Win 26.10.2018
SUPERSUCKERS Suck It 21.09.2018
TERRORIZER Caustic Attack 12.10.2018
THE OCEAN Phanerozoic I: Palaezoic 02.11.2018
THE SKULL The Endless Road Turns Dark 07.09.2018
THE VINTAGE CARAVAN Gateways 31.08.2018
THEM Manor Of The Se7en Gables 26.10.2018
THERAPY? Cleave 21.09.2018
THRICE Palms 14.09.2018
TREAT Tunguska 14.09.2018
U.D.O. Steelfactory 31.08.2018
UNLEASHED The Hunt For White Christ 26.10.2018
URIAH HEEP Living The Dream 14.09.2018
VICIOUS RUMORS 666 Years Of Blood, Sweat And Cheers (DVD) 31.08.2018
WARREL DANE Shadow Work 26.10.2018
WOLVESPIRIT Fire And Ice 12.10.2018

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