Band Albumtitel Vö-Datum
220 VOLT Walking In Starlight 26.09.2014
AC/DC Rock Or Bust 28.11.2014
ALLEN/LANDE The Great Divide 17.10.2014
ALUNAH Awakening The Forest 03.10.2014
AMARANTHE Massive Addictive 17.10.2014
AMPLIFIER Mystoria 05.09.2014
ANTHRAX Chile On Hell (DVD) 17.10.2014
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE Of Woe And Wounds 31.10.2014
ARROGANZ Tod & Teufel 14.11.2014
AT THE GATES At War With Reality 24.10.2014
AUDREY HORNE Pure Heavy 26.09.2014
BILLY TALENT Hits (Best of) 31.10.2014
BLOODBATH Grand Morbid Funeral 21.11.2014
BRANT BJORK Black Power Plower 14.11.2014
BULLET Storm Of Blades 05.09.2014
CANNIBAL CORPSE A Skeletal Domain 12.09.2014
CARCASS Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel (EP) 14.11.2014
CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Pandemonium 31.10.2014
CRIPPER Hyena 21.11.2014
DECAPITATED Blood Mantra 26.09.2014
EINHERJER Av Oss, For Oss 31.10.2014
ELECTRIC WIZARD Time To Die 26.09.2014
EMIGRATE Silent So Long 17.10.2014
EMIGRATE Silent So Long 17.10.2014
ENCHANT The Great Divide 26.09.2014
ENGEL Raven Kings 28.11.2014
EXODUS Blood In, Blood Out 17.10.2014
FLYING COLORS Second Nature 26.09.2014
FOO FIGHTERS Sonic Highways 08.11.2014
FROM HELL Ascent From Hell 26.09.2014
GUNS N' ROSES Appetite For Democracy 3D (DVD/Blu-Ray) 31.10.2014
HYPNOS Hypnos 26.09.2014
IN FLAMES Siren Charme 05.09.2014
JOB FOR A COWBOY Sun Eater 07.11.2014
JOE BONAMASSA Different Shades Of Blue 19.09.2014
KISSIN' DYNAMITE Megalomania 05.09.2014
LAMB OF GOD As The Palaces Burn (DVD) 10.10.2014
LORDI Scare Force One 31.10.2014
LYRIEL Skin & Bones 26.09.2014
MACHINE HEAD Bloodstone & Diamonds 07.11.2014
MEGAHERZ Zombieland 24.10.2014
MELVINS Hold It In 10.10.2014
MORRIGU Before Light / After Dark 07.11.2014
MR. BIG ...The Stories We Could Tell 26.09.2014
NICKE BORG Ruins Of A Riot 03.10.2014
NIGHTINGALE Retribution 10.11.2014
NITROGODS Rats & Rumours 17.10.2014
NONPOINT The Return 26.09.2014
ONKEL TOM H.E.L.D. 19.09.2014
PHILM Fire From The Evening Sun 12.09.2014
PINK FLOYD The Endless River 07.11.2014
POSTHUM The Black Northern Ritual 17.10.2014
POSTMORTEM The Bowls Of Wrath 21.11.2014
PRIMORDIAL Where Greater Men Have Fallen 21.11.2014
RIOT V Unleash The Fire 24.10.2014
ROBERT PLANT Lullaby... And The Ceaseless Roar 05.09.2014
SICK OF IT ALL The Last Act Of Defiance 26.09.2014
SIENA ROOT Pioneers 07.11.2014
SISTER SIN Black Lotus 31.10.2014
SLASH World On Fire 12.09.2014
SLOMIND Solar Plexus 10.10.2014
STAM1NA SLK 26.09.2014
STATUS QUO Status Quo Live (live) 05.09.2014
TEMPESTA Roller Coaster 10.10.2014
THE AGONIST Eye Of Providence 07.11.2014
THE DATSUNS Deep Sleep 10.10.2014
THE SKULL For Those Which Are Asleep 07.11.2014
THE TEA PARTY The Ocean At The End 19.09.2014
THRESHOLD For The Journey 19.09.2014
TRANSPORT LEAGUE Boogie From Hell 26.09.2014
UNEARTH Watchers Of Rule 31.10.2014
VANIR The Glorious Dead 17.10.2014
VICTORIUS Dreamchaser 14.11.2014
WHITE EMPRESS Rise Of The Empress 03.10.2014
YOB Clearing The Path To Ascend 05.09.2014
ZODIAC Sonic Child 19.09.2014