Band Albumtitel Vö-Datum
AFTER ALL Waves Of Annihilation 10.06.2016
AGONY Nervosa 03.06.2016
ANY GIVEN DAY Everlasting 26.08.2016
ARCHITECTS All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us 27.05.2016
BAT Wings Of Chains 10.06.2016
BEARTOOTH Aggressive 03.06.2016
BLOODY HAMMERS Lovely Sort Of Death 05.08.2016
BLUES PILLS Lady In Gold 05.08.2016
BRUJERIA Pocho Aztlan 16.09.2016
CANDLEMASS Death Thy Lover (EP) 03.06.2016
CENTINEX Doomsday Rituals 08.07.2016
CHEVELLE The North Corridor 08.07.2016
COUGH Still They Pray 03.06.2016
CRADLE OF FILTH Dusk And Her Embrace... The Original Sin 08.07.2016
DAN REED NETWORK Fight Another Day 03.06.2016
DARE Sacred Ground 15.07.2016
DARK FOREST Beyond The Veil 26.08.2016
DARK FUNERAL Where Shadows Forever Reign 03.06.2016
DEADLOCK Hybris 08.07.2016
DEATH ANGEL The Evil Divide 27.05.2016
DEFILED Towards Inevitable Ruin 08.07.2016
DENNER/SHERMANN Masters Of Evil 24.06.2016
DESPISED ICON Beast 22.07.2016
DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT Transcendence 02.09.2016
DORO Strong And Proud (DVD) 24.06.2016
DUST BOLT Mass Confusion 08.07.2016
EQUILIBRIUM Armageddon 12.08.2016
GOOD CHARLOTTE Youth Authority 15.07.2016
HAMMERCULT Legends Never Die (EP) 17.06.2016
HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE Dead Revolution 22.07.2016
HEAVEN'S CRY Outcast 03.06.2016
HELLYEAH Unden!able 03.06.2016
HIGH FIGHTER Scars & Crosses 10.06.2016
HIGH SPIRITS Motivator 16.09.2016
HIGH SPIRITS Take Me Home (7") 19.08.2016
HIGHLORD Hic Sunt Leones 24.06.2016
ILLDISPOSED Grey Sky Over Black Town 27.05.2016
INQUISITION Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith 26.08.2016
INSOMNIUM Winter's Gate 23.09.2016
ISIS What One Becomes 10.06.2016
J.B.O. 11 08.07.2016
JORN Heavy Rock Radio 03.06.2016
LACUNA COIL Delirium 27.05.2016
MARILLION F.E.A.R. (F*** Everyone And Run) 09.09.2016
MELVINS Basses Loaded 03.06.2016
MORTILLERY Shapeshifter 29.07.2016
MOS GENERATOR Abyssinia 15.07.2016
MR. BIG I Can Destroy 27.05.2016
NERVOSA Agony 03.06.2016
PANGEA Paradox 03.06.2016
PARADOX Pangea 03.06.2016
PERIPHERY III: Select Difficulty 22.07.2016
POWERWOLF The Metal Mass Live (DVD) 29.07.2016
PROFANATICA The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy 22.07.2016
Q5 New World Order 08.07.2016
REVOCATION Great Is Our Sin 22.07.2016
RINGWORM Snake Church 29.07.2016
RIVAL SONS Hollow Bones 10.06.2016
SABATON The Last Stand 19.08.2016
SALIVA Love, Lies & Therapy 10.06.2016
SCORPION CHILD Acid Roulette 10.06.2016
SLAYER You Against You (7"-EP) 01.07.2016
SOILWORK Death Resonance 26.08.2016
SUICIDAL ANGELS Division Of Blood 27.05.2016
SUICIDAL ANGELS Division Of Blood 27.05.2016
TARJA TURUNEN The Shadow Self 05.08.2016
THE DEAD DAISIES Make Some Noise 05.08.2016
THE JELLY JAM Profit 27.05.2016
THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL Red Robes 27.05.2016
THE PINEAPPLE THIEF Your Wilderness 12.08.2016
VADER The Empire 09.09.2016
VADER Iron Times (10") 29.07.2016
VALIENT THORR Old Salt 29.07.2016
VANHELGD Temple Of Phobos 01.07.2016
WHITE ZOMBIE It Came From N.Y.C. (Boxset) 03.06.2016
WHITECHAPEL Mark Of The Blade 24.06.2016
WITHERSCAPE The Northern Sanctuary 22.07.2016
WOLF HOFFMANN Headbangers Symphony 01.07.2016
ZODIAC Grain Of Soul 29.07.2016